Thanks for a great Science Fair and Silent Auction!

Dear Kitayama Staff and Families,

Another beautiful night with our students,  families, and community members at our Kitayama Science and Silent Auction Fair which successfully ended just a few hours ago.  Over 100s of families attended with pride and support to give back to their Kitayama school. Rows of science display boards highlighted students creativity and critical thinking around science inquiry (hard work from our students),  a room full of enticing baskets ready to go home to the "highest bidder" (with careful attention by our PTA,  Casey Souza,  Kelly Ellis,  Cynthia Ortega,  Sandip Suprai, ) food truck rolled in with delights ready to serve, owned by Aaron who is a local resident of Union City to support our school (thank you Quyen and Jeff), and of course,  an array of hands on science learning activities facilitated by local business /scientists from all around (carefully coordinated by Ms.  Banks).

A very special recognition and thanks to our Science Specialist, Ms. Banks, for all this great work for our school,  our students,  our families .  Every year it is amazing.... from beginning to end. Thank you,  Ms.  Banks. 

Thank you to our teachers and staff who joined in the fun with support as well, the Bullards,  Ms.  Debono, Ms.  Barnecut,  Ms.  Teruya - Acard,  Ms.  Walsh,  Ms.  Tricia,  Ms.  Sony, and Paco and Jose.

We are Bears!  Together we are mighty! Thank you to all.

With much appreciation,