Thank you, Keller Williams Realty!

Yesterday, June 12, Keller Williams Reality lead by our former Kitayama Bear parent,  Ms.  Lillie Turner, rolled  up her sleeves, corralled  her troops of 20,  and made GREAT things happen at Kitayama! From 9-3, members worked on the school garden,  reading resource room,  cafeteria and walls,  and campus clean up (pulling out weeds,  picking up trash,  getting things tidy.)

We want to express our gratitude and thanks to the Keller Williams Reality Team for taking their time to help us with our Kitayama Sprucing Up Projects,  Vera Lisa,  Lucy, Ken ,  Legratta and Rebecca for their help with facilitating the sprucing up projects for our school,  Charmaine,  Marcelle,  Devon for the guidance with the resource room and flexibility today, Cherie for the homemade treats for our community members, to Thora and Diana for their positive spirit with bike to School day this morning (an amazing 25 bike riders turn out!),  and to our Mikey, Diana and Jeni for their continuous smiles and support to keep our school in excellent shape for our students, families, and staff.

Go Bears! Go Bears! Goooo Bears!!

Allison Sayavong