Kitayama Teacher Motivates Her Students Through Anti-Bullying Campaign

Third graders in Ms. Payton's class at Kitayama Elementary have been working on a school-wide anti-bullying campaign. Her students presented information on bullying, performed a song, and created an anti-bullying pledge for other students to sign. All students who signed the pledge received a wristband with the slogan, "Band Against Bullying". Ms. Payton's students are currently holding a Poster Making Contest and Coloring Contest to spread the Anti-Bullying message even further. They are also planning to videotape a series of puppet shows to be broadcast around the school with a goal of educating students on the effects of bullying and what others can do to help, among other ongoing activities. The support of students, staff, and parents, and the positive impact has been overwhelming!

"I've told my students that even if we make a difference for just one child, we have done our job!", Ms. Payton said, "I'm looking forward to seeing how far we can take this movement!"