Family Health Fair November 14

As a way to keep our students and families healthy and well throughout this season (and year), a wonderful group of parents (registered nurses) have joined forces with the community to start our very own Kitayama Health Fair.  This will be on Friday, November 14th from 5-7 out on the blacktop.  This is a free community-wide event where students, parents/families from our school and our community can learn and network with each other as they learn more from our health professionals about how to maintain good health and wellness.  
A variety of stations will be available for families to visit.  These are:
1) Nutrition
2) Hygiene
3) Cardiac/Diabetes
4) Dental
5) Free Clinic Service (Tuburcio and Tri-Valley Health)
7) Fitness 
8) Mental Health and Wellness 

More detailed info about our Kitayama Health Fair will go out in the following 2 weeks.