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Kids' Council Notes: February

Kid’s Council Notes


School rules

         -Be safe, be respectful and responsible!


·      Words of the month: Good Citizenship

§      Kind to others

§      Being Helpful

§      Helping our environment

§      Making good choices!

·      Courageous



·      Pennies For Patients: Thank you for your 


§      Please be sure all coins are turned in by April 9th, the latest!!! 


·      Spirit Day for May 9th: Career Day!!


·      Spirit Week: June 2nd – June 6th

Monday: Hawaiian Day (dress in HI print, hats, glasses, etc…)

                   Tuesday: Country Day (Boots, hat, plaid, etc…)

Wednesday: Nature Day (Promote the 4Rs, keep campus clean)

Thursday: Culture Day (Dress up in your cultural outfit)

Friday: Beach Day (Shorts, T-shirts, sunglasses, beach towels, etc…)

*** KC realizes that “HI Day” and “Beach Day” is very similar, but they thought if some students forgot on Monday to dress up, then they’ll have another day to participate, FridayJ!


NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday: June 3rd           


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