Each year we teach your students Internet safety lessons in the library. Attached is the PDF Family Tip Sheet.
In Kinder students will be able to ...
1. Discover that the Internet can be used to visit far-away places and learn new things.
2. Compare how staying safe online is similar to staying safe in the real world.
3. Explain rules for traveling safely on the Internet.

Kitayama Bears!

I am the new Assistant Principal here at Kitayama! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing school and staff. I come from Southern California, but am loving the area and especially the school! I am happy to get to know each of our students and parents as the year goes along! Parents, please feel free to introduce yourself if you see me walking by. Read More… »»

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The first Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting at Kitayama is September 21st at 6:30 in the Library.
All parents and teachers are invited. Please show your support for our school.

Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 14th.
5:30-6:15: Meet and greet all of our specialists, administration, and PTA in the patio area.
5:45-6:30: Meet teachers in your student's classrooms for grades 3rd to 5th and Room 30.
6:30-7:15: Meet teachers in your student's classrooms for grades Tk to 2nd and Room 28.

The first Modified Day is Thursday 9/15/16. Students have school from 8:00 to 12:05.
If you need after school care contact Diana Leal at 510.476.2747 to enroll in Kids First before that date.

The first day of school is Wednesday August 24, 2016. Your student can arrive on the playground at 7:45. School starts at 8:00 and ends at 2:05 for grades 1st to 5th. The Kindergarten day will end at 11:20 until September 26, 2016 when their school day will end at 2:05.

Watch for summer sales and pick up your student's supplies early, so you can coast through summer with a breeze. Available for download here, in both English y Español.


As we know how it can be after school with traffic, and with the partnership of our UCPD has been working with us to help monitor/alleviate violations, please help remind parents/families about the drop off/pick up zones.  We've had  parents ticketed for parking in the red zones, blocking crosswalks, and parking illegally which creates safety issues for pedestrians and motorists this year. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our students safe. 

Come join us at Kitayama tonight for our annual Science Fair and Silent Auction! Students have worked very hard on these science displays, and teachers and PTA parents have created some amazing baskets, each one presenting an amazing value for the money. The money, by the way, goes straight to the classroom of the teacher associated with the basket, so you will be supporting our teachers and students with your purchases! Read More… »»

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